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eurotopia-Verzeichnis (engl. Ausgabe)

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eurotopia-Verzeichnis (engl. Ausgabe)
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eurotopia-Verzeichnis (engl. Ausgabe)

The eurotopia Directory of Communities and Ecovillages in Europe (ISBN 978-3-9812968-2-2):

  • Detailed descriptions of 430 communities, ecovillages, settlements, cohousing projects

  • Articles on founding of communities, of cultural relevance of communities and ecovillages, on scientific research on communities and more... By authors like Diane Leafe Christian, Dieter Halbach, Michael Würfel...

  • Introduction of community networks with further community data

  • Useful addresses from all of Europe

  • Current edition 2014 - corrections, updates and online search for book entries on

  • Unique literature for everyone interested in living in community


Sustainability starts with people getting along with each other. Intentional communities are seeds for a culture of tolerance and understanding.

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Aktueller Artikel eurotopia-Verzeichnis (engl. Ausgabe) eurotopia-Verzeichnis (engl. Ausgabe)
Art.Nr.: 2  
20,00 €*